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Bullguard Internet Security


  • Brand: Bullguard
  • Product Code: BGIS3U
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  • $79.00

Do you want to be safe online, but can't decide which features to go for? No problem. Get everything you need in one convenient package.

Why choose BullGuard?

It gets better with every new version. That's why 13 million people have chosen us over the years. So go with BullGuard and enjoy:

  • Virus catch rates you won't see anywhere else
  • Parental Control to keep your kids safe from online threats
  • 3-PC licence and free upgrades included in your subscription
  • 5 GB backup to protect all your most valued files and photos
  • 24/7 live support in plain English
  • ...and a good night;s sleep!

What's new in BullGuard Internet Security 12?

BullGuard Internet Security is a complete internet security solution - it protects you and your computer from all online threats: identity theft, credit card fraud, hackers, viruses, spyware and many more.

It comes with a broad range of features covering every possibility, so you will never worry about your digital safety again:

  • Behavioural Detection makes our Antivirus engine catch 65% more viruses than traditional antivirus engines
  • Safe Browsing flags unsafe websites on every search results page you access
  • The Vulnerability Scanner warns you about outdated software that may be putting you at risk
  • Online Backup allows you to protect your most precious data
  • Parental Control makes keeping your kids safe on the internet a piece of cake.

We've tweaked and tuned the usability to make it even more intuitive and made sure you can decide how much feedback (pop-ups and alerts) you want to receive from the application.

With 5 GB of online backup space and a 3-PC licence on top of all the security, you're covered on all fronts!

Enhanced Antivirus engine

Traditional Signature-Based Detection is very reliable, but it only protects you against already-known viruses, spyware and other malware. So, what if a new type of threat gets to your PC? If you have BullGuard, you're in luck... and safe. That's because, alongside traditional malware detection, we're using a cutting-edge technology, Behavioural Detection, which spots unknown spyware and virus threats by how they behave - based on file, registry, process, and network events. If abnormal behaviour is detected, the potential threat is shut off.

It all boils down to a malware catch rate that's 65% higher than that of traditional detection programs.

Parental Control

Your kids may seem to be pros when it comes to computers and web browsing, but how much do they actually know about what they're getting into? That's where you, the parent, come in. You need to educate them about managing their online activity, but there's only so much you can do. Let BullGuard handle the hard work! With the new feature, you can get a grip on their online activity, without snooping in or nagging them. You can set schedules for their time online, prevent them from stumbling upon shady websites or content and stop them from giving away too much information about themselves.

Kids need to benefit from all the advantages the world-wide web has to offer, but they also need to be protected from its dangers.

PC Tune Up

When you uninstall a program there's a good chance it may leave some traces in your system, without you having a clue. These program leftovers, along with unused programs or space-consuming digital items can make your system stall or run sluggishly. To help you solve this problem, BullGuard Internet Security now comes with PC Tune Up. It's like having a computer specialist constantly checking your system for anything that may lower its performance. Once it finds something wrong, it solves it or helps you improve your system, in order for it to get faster, more reliable and more efficient.

If you've noticed a slow-down at start up, when launching apps or running programs on your PC, it's time you had it Tuned-up! It's just as important as getting your car checked every now and then.

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